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I stumbled across an interesting piece that I thought I’d share with you guys today. It’s a display of just how much a family consumes each week in groceries, as done by WallToWatch.com.

As you could imagine, the United States is near the top of the list based off an eye test of how much stuff is on each family’s table. The American family needs two tables, and even that won’t hold everything. Pictured above is a family from Chad, one of the countries with the smallest amount of food in their image.

One thing this kind of photo essay does is remind me of how much food it takes to feed the world on a daily basis. Is this sustainable in the long run? What about when the planet is holding more than 10 billion people as it will some time into the future?

And how can Japan possibly catch enough fish to feed all of its people if they have that much of it in their diet?

I would have liked to see more images from the third-world nations because I think that would drive the point home a lot more than the endless photos of European countries, but the full list is here. I’d also like to know why the girl in France’s photo is holding the cat like it’s a part of their grocery list.

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