When ‘that moment’ happens in your state …

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The media loves a good story about backwardness in the South.

Love it as I do, I understand there are plenty of backward things that happen in our part of the country. So whenever I see the latest headline about something ridiculous that happened in the South, I always hope the dateline doesn’t say “Ga.” when I start to read the story.

I just don’t want it to be my state, even if it’s nowhere near where I live. I’d so much rather see reporters in Alabama or Mississippi.

So when I first read a story last week about Wilcox County (GA) High School students asking for their first integrated prom, I immediately thought there had to be more to the story. There couldn’t possibly still be a place anywhere in the nation that has segregated proms.

Sure enough, they still have them in Wilcox County.

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Because these proms were privately-funded, they were allowed to be segregated, explaining how they’ve gotten away with it well into the 2010s. But since the news of students craving a single, integrated prom went viral, pressure from the outside has joined pressure from the student body to make this happen in 2013. The school already made strides earlier in the year, when they elected just one homecoming court for the first time, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story.

However, the story goes on to mention that the queen and king were of different races, so they were not allowed to attend the same prom. Craziness, indeed.

It’s the ultimate facepalm story that you never want to happen near you. The happy ending to this story should come in a few weeks, when the fully-integrated prom happens for the first time at WCHS.

Thankfully, there are some at the school and in the county that have a little common sense and the decency to do the right thing.

It’s just too bad it’s the 18-year-olds, instead of the adults.

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