Some post-Easter thoughts (with a DVR alert!)

AP Photo/Darron Cummings
AP Photo/Darron Cummings

Easter has been good to me. For one, I got an Easter basket for the 26th year in a row (can it really be a bad day when your folks present you with a basket full of saturated fat and sugar? Can it? CAN IT???). That was a pretty good start. Then, my bracket got stronger, and I got to eat ham.


Here a couple of things that made this Easter memorable, for good or bad, and you’ll probably be able to relate to a few of these.

First and foremost, set your DVR for ABC on Monday morning, as my brother will perform with the Newsies on Good Morning America. My sources tell me it will occur at or around 8:40 a.m., so give it 15 minutes of cushion or so in either direction to be sure. It’s been a while since they were on tv, so that will be fun to see!

He looks something like this:


  • Watching Louisville guard Kevin Ware’s horrific leg break was one of the worst injuries I’ve seen in sports that didn’t involve someone being paralyzed or suffering some other life-threatening injury. It was Marcus Lattimore’s knee injury times 10, which was Willis McGahee’s knee injury times 10. I can’t comprehend how a man can do that to his leg — breaking bones so bad that they blow through the skin — by simply coming down from a jump. It left me light-headed for nearly a half-hour, and I only caught a fraction of the second replay. I’ve suffered my fair share of finger injuries growing up and playing sports, but wow, I don’t know how I’d handle a compound fracture of a limb. Just the injury’s name makes me want to throw up.
  • Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, I can finally breathe easily knowing that the Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators are eliminated. Those were some tense days recently.
  • Baseball starts tomorrow, and it couldn’t come a day too soon. The Braves have been hitting the cover off the ball in Spring Training, and that’s a really promising sign for Atlanta fans. If you haven’t heard, they have this kid named Evan Gattis who will spend some time filling in for catcher Brian McCann until he gets healthy. He hits the ball really far; if you’re familiar with the setup of Turner Field, the following tweet will astound you (and Klein followed up to tell me it wasn’t hyperbole — he really hit the ball off the sign):

  • My life will have a one-hour void on Sunday nights with the end of another season of The Walking Dead, but maybe that will allow me more time to do more of these run-downs!

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