Awesome human beings attack Dahntay Jones

Twitter can be a total wasteland when angry fans get the chance to say something to an athlete of an opposing team after a loss.

That, and Lakers fans are just jerks to begin with.

So when star Laker Kobe Bryant went down with a severely sprained ankle in the final seconds of a 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, someone had to take the blame for the injury. So why not Hawks forward Dahntay Jones, since he was in the vicinity of Kobe’s awkward fall?

You can watch the video for yourself and decide whether Jones had anything to do with the injury, or whether he did it on purpose, but I say “no” to both.

Below is a smattering of the Twitter chatter directed at Jones on Thursday, meaning these people had hours to cool off and still thought these tweets would be a good idea.

Remember, some of these people are probably employed. And they might even make more money than you.

First, this guy:

Haha, “your.”

From others:

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