Should you take pictures of your food?

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Food’s a big deal to us millenials — and we want you to know about it.

We take pictures of our meals to post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve been told that literally everything we do is special, so we post pictures of our mundane, hastily-prepared dinners to brag about our abilities to take 20 minutes of our day to cook for ourselves, the one day a week that we actually pass on dining out.

Having said all that, I have to admit that I occasionally take pictures of my food. And it’s not that bad.

Granted, I do it for blog posts, and I think that’s a valid excuse. But with the news of some restaurants banning food photography like it’s Shamu you’re going to scare the crap out of by using the flash on your smartphone, I had to think about the topic for a while.

Here’s what I think: taking pictures of special meals is fine. If you’re a blogger, that’s obviously fine as well. You can’t accurately tell the full story of what you ate unless you have images to support your case.

(Plus, I have to have images in each of my blogs. It’s a requirement of the site.)

I’m curious to see what you think about this hot social topic. Are you guilty of frequently taking pictures of your food? Are you adamantly opposed to it? Why?

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