The 10 greatest things about DeAndre Jordan’s dunk

Sometimes, you just don’t want a professional athlete’s life. On Sunday night, there’s no way I’d ever want to trade places with Brandon Knight.

The Detroit Pistons guard got in the middle of something he shouldn’t have — a thunderous dunk by LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan that will probably end up being the dunk of the year. And while it only took about 10 seconds for Knight’s fate to be decided, so many awesome things happened during that dunk.

Knight’s Wikipedia page was updated to include … information on his death

Brandon Knight Cause of Death

He got the “Simba” treatment

Jordan feeling guilt for what he did to another man

DeAndre Jordan

The scene of the crime being commemorated (by Photoshop)

Knight somehow mustering up the words, after the game:

These four kids:

Clippers fans

“RIP Brandon Knight” trended on Twitter

Knight even got hit in the head by the basketball as he laid on the ground

Brandon Knight

Chris Paul comparing Jordan to Beyonce

Finding the silver lining in it all:

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