Watch: Massive brawl erupts in baseball game

Video courtesy of ESPN’s Youtube page

The United States are a lot more important at separating Canada/Mexico hostilities than you think, it seems.

On Saturday evening, a World Baseball Classic early-round game between Mexico and Canada turned nasty when a Chris Robinson bunt was taken as a sign that the Canadians were trying to add runs to their 9-3 score. Baseball has a lot of unwritten rules, and one of them is that if you’re up by a wide margin in the late innings of a game, you don’t bunt in an effort to score more. It’s become a gesture of embarrassment over the years, usually punishable by a pitcher hitting the next batter to come to the plate.

That’s exactly what happened to Canada when Robinson bunted Saturday night. But even though Canada led 9-3 in the top of the ninth inning, it shouldn’t have been a violation of baseball’s code, because this WBC tournament’s tiebreakers are decided by run differential. So it’s in every team’s best interest to score as many runs as possible.

Mexico’s players didn’t seem to understand that, and a huge fight was the result.

The video above is the reason why America was put on this fine planet. Oh, and no players were suspended or fined or anything as a result of this melee because DISCIPLINE IS FOR COWARDS, ROGER GOODELL.

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