Is Twitter getting too elaborate?


Twitter is the simplest and, therefore, personal favorite of all social media sites. You get your news, and it gets right to the point.

At least, that’s what Twitter used to be about.

Now, we have cover photos, sponsored tweets and the “Discover” tab. Soon, we will have “ranked” tweets — a system that will tell you, based on engagement, how dumb or smart your tweet actually was.

I don’t want my favorite news source to get too crazy, because it doesn’t need bells and whistles. Just stay out of my way and let me follow the people I want.

Conversely, I like instant feedback on my own tweets. At the same time, if the rumor that companies will be able to pay to get their tweets rated “high,” it will be another system corrupted by money-making. I get that Twitter is just like every other website — they want, and need, to make money. But I preferred the days of one feed and no bells and whistles. It’s the reason why I prefer third-party platforms like Tweetdeck.

Here’s hoping my weather and sports news still comes to me without a lot of distractions. Even if a tweet is given a “low” rating, I still want to read it. So don’t hide it from me.

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