Decide for yourself: was it a hold?

A little dose of karma never hurt anyone.

So when the San Francisco 49ers came within five yards of possibly winning the Super Bowl and faced a fourth-and-goal situation, I couldn’t help but think back to why they were the team representing the NFC in the first place. When they held on a goal-to-go stand in the Georgia Dome, the 49ers punched their ticket to New Orleans, but it wasn’t without a little controversy.

Linebacker NaVorro Bowman committed defensive holding on wide receiver Roddy White.

Now, I understand how it works. To make a call like that in the final seconds of a game, you’d have to have something egregious happen. So — and I hate using this phrase, but I’ll do it anyway — it is what it is.

Well, it happened again on Sunday night, and this time, it happened to the Niners.

Two GIFs tell the story of the Roddy White no-call and the fourth-and-goal no-call on Michael Crabtree during what was the biggest play of the Super Bowl. Judge for yourself (both images courtesy of The Falcoholic):

No-call on Roddy White

Roddy White

No-call on Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree

A couple of quotes from members of the 49ers’ defense after their win over the Falcons were interesting. The first is from Bowman; the second, safety Donte Whitner (both from a USA Today article).

“(White) was complaining, asking for the flag. There wasn’t no flag; that was a clean play, man.”

“We made more plays than they did, and we’re going to New Orleans.”

I guess the Ravens just made more plays than the 49ers.

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