Falcons/Saints: Oh, it’s a rivalry now

The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints don’t like each other, and neither do their fans.

On the NFL Network pregame show Thursday night, rapper Ludacris joined the set and the topic was raised about Hartsfield-Jackson Airport employees throwing eggs at the buses carrying the New Orleans Saints from the plane to their hotel.

“It’s gettin’ real ignorant, man,” he said.

He’s not wrong. The rivalry between the Falcons and Saints has been elevated in past years. The Saints have a Super Bowl trophy, and the Falcons and their fans want that. The Falcons are on pace to have their second No. 1 seed in the NFC in three years, and the Saints want to have that kind of home-field advantage in the playoffs.

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Heck, this year, they just want to make the playoffs.

It’s a rivalry now. Not just because of the egging of the Saints’ buses, but also because of the controversy surrounding Saints players telling the media they urinated on the Falcons logo after their 17-14 victory over the Falcons in Atlanta a year ago.

Remember that, Saints fans? If you want to preach class, make sure you remember the whole story.

But I’m not bothered by either situation. To paraphrase Sports Illustrated writer Holly Anderson, it’s called football, not feelingsball. If you win, you get to talk trash. Enough with all the emotions.

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In a span of less than two months, we’ve seen Atlanta fans throw eggs at a rival’s bus and litter a baseball field with trash because of a bad call in a postseason game. This kind of behavior is Green Bay stuff. It’s Philadelphia stuff. It’s Chicago stuff. So that must mean we care a lot more about our teams than other fanbases around the nation (and the media) would suggest. The passion is back in the Georgia Dome because the Falcons have proven themselves to be a serious and capable contender.

Now, they just need to beat their rival tonight. And scramble them, too.

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