Breslanta endorses a candidate for president

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Try to keep an open mind while reading this piece — I won’t judge you for disagreeing with me; we all have our opinions and beliefs for a reason. This piece is not meant to offend.

Since every other publication on the planet seems to be doing it, I guess I should endorse a candidate as well.

Fellow readers of Breslanta, I would like to announce my endorsement for Mitt Romney for the office of President of the United States. If I haven’t lost your readership by saying that, I’m going to explain to you why he’s my choice for the next four years, and thus why I will be voting for him.

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Four years ago, we heard a lot of promises from presidential candidate Barack Obama. He told us, if elected president, he would change the way America worked, and he would turn around a recession that was gripping the nation. He promised to cut the deficit in half and get people back to work. He promised sweeping improvements in the first 100 days of his presidency, and he assured us we’d be a better friend to countries around the world. He won the election on those plans, and now, his first term is coming to a close.

So let me tell you why I’m going to vote for his challenger this time around.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney because he’s a businessman. In the last four years, the strategy for pulling this country out of a recession seems to be to print more money (isn’t that what the stimulus did?). Look back in your history books — heck, just look across the Atlantic Ocean. Debt is what brings great countries down. Obama knew that — he campaigned on quelling the dangers of continued spending — yet he has spent an awful lot of money we don’t have. It’s dangerous, and I expect Romney to put an end to that. He’s going to institute some cutbacks that will be uncomfortable, and it will make a lot of people angry, but I’m confident that it’s the only way to turn our economy around, lower the unemployment rate and get GDP back to where it should be. Think about it — if you spend a lot of money over the weekend, drinking and going out to eat, you’re going to have to budget during the week. 2008-12 was our awesome weekend of food festivals and craft beer; now, it’s time for weeknights at home.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney because I’m tired of hearing about how awful rich people are. Most of them aren’t “fortunate;” they worked harder than everyone else along the way to make their millions and billions. I hope to someday have a lot more money than I do now, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work. The people in the upper echelon made it happen, and that doesn’t make them demons. A lot of them donate huge chunks of their fortune to people who have nothing (Romney is one of them), but in the last couple of years, that money has been taxed out of them. I’m sure it didn’t go to as needy of a cause, either. Raising taxes on the rich yet again isn’t going to solve any problems — statistics show the new taxes Obama wants to levy on the rich would only be enough to keep the country’s bills paid for a week, 10 days at the most. It’s just not enough, and it will never be enough if we don’t stop spending.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney because I’m tired of hearing about the inherited mess. No business executive talks like that, because they’d be promptly fired if they did. We’ve been hearing it for four years. Romney won’t make excuses, because he’s been in this position before. It’s his mess the day he walks into the Oval Office.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney because we’re too dependent on government. He’s already drawn ire by saying FEMA should be dissolved and the states should take responsibility for issues when natural disasters arise (the debacle occurring in the Northeast right now might make that a valid point, but that’s a different debate for a different time). But there needs to be an attempt to get capable people back to work and off food stamps and welfare before we become a Welfare State. I want it to be a good thing to be successful in this country, rather than being told I’m evil and having my money given to someone else. I apologize if that’s insensitive, but I feel it’s time to encourage everyone to get back to work and earn what’s theirs.

I can’t say for a fact that Mitt Romney is going to fix all of these problems in the next four-to-eight years, but I believe he’s going to steer us in the right direction and push us to be a better nation. It’s possible to fix the problems we’ve had over the last decade, and it’s time to let someone else give it a shot.

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