Poor Big Tex…

The burned remains of Big Tex are lowered from his display at the State Fair of Texas, Friday, Oct. 19, 2012, in Dallas. Big Tex, the metal cowboy whose slow drawl of "Howdy, folks!" made him an icon of the State Fair of Texas for 60 years, was destroyed when flames engulfed his 52-foot-tall frame. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
AP Photo/LM Otero, File

To say this has not been a good week for Texas Football would be an understatement.

But on Friday afternoon, an iconic symbol of the Texas State Fair caught fire and melted into a heap of metal and, well, broken dreams. In less than an hour, we got the perfect metaphor for Texas Football this season, and we also got a new term for something even worse than a dumpster fire.

Now we have a Big Tex fire.

Here’s the difference. Tennessee’s football team is a dumpster fire, but Kentucky’s football team is a Big Tex fire. At least the Volunteers are capable of beating Georgia State. I don’t know if the Wildcats could.

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Sixty years ago, Big Tex was born at the Texas State Fair — a welcoming sign for football fans and lovers of fried butter balls alike. It was an iconic image for the Red River Shootout, which was later deemed offensive and re-named “The Game Between Texas and Oklahoma.”

In the 60 years Big Tex reigned over the game, Texas and Oklahoma were — get this — 29-29-3 each. Dead-even. Big Tex might have been the God of Parity.

It hasn’t been easy sledding for Texas recently; In the new century, the Longhorns had a 4-8 record against the Sooners at the Cotton Bowl. But few of those losses compared to the 55-17 drubbing they took last weekend. In fact, after starting the season with high hopes, Texas had a rude awakening with consecutive losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma.

Big Tex was burning long before this afternoon. This was just a symbolic showing of where Texas Football stands these days.

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