This is how an attack ad looks in 2012

They think we’re stupid.

And when I say “we,” I’m not referring to either political party. I’m talking about the American public — the same American public that will stand for a cause before reading a single piece of information about it.

Watch a YouTube video, suddenly become an expert on the subject; that’s the way of the 2012 Facebook world. Only that isn’t how it works, because there’s usually a deeper story.

Take, for example, the latest Mitt Romney attack ad you’ll be seeing on your television soon, if you haven’t already. It looks absolutely horrible for Romney; watch and you’ll understand.

That’s right, folks. Mitt Romney wants to kill off your relatives — the exact same statement Sarah Palin was blasted for saying about Barack Obama when Obamacare was first being drawn up. Suddenly, the tactic that was shredded by one side is now being used by them.

Never mind how sick it is to use cancer as a political chess piece.

It should be noted there is no endorsement by Barack Obama in this commercial, but this advertisement was funded by his Super PAC.

This is not meant to be a political statement on my part; rather, it is a reminder that not everything said is exactly as it seems, even though it has been put together in a pretty, or ugly, little package. A few things should have popped into your head while watching that video, if you were thinking critically.

Why did the husband’s unemployment lead to the whole family losing healthcare? Can’t his wife claim benefits from her job, even after her husband is laid off?

If the wife had to get pneumonia to realize she had cancer, their lack of healthcare wouldn’t have mattered even if it were true, would it? It’s sad to say, but it seems like the cancer was too advanced to combat when it was finally discovered.

So CNN took the liberty of investigating these claims, and the results were probably not too shocking to the skeptics.

This has been your friendly reminder to seek out more information before making a big decision in the general election this November. It’s your civic duty.

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