Why I didn’t vote on T-SPLOST

AP Photo/David Goldman, File

Atlanta needs to improve the way people travel around our fair city, that’s for sure.

But when yesterday’s T-SPLOST vote failed, a bill that promised to spend billions improving roads and the flow of traffic all around the state, I wasn’t surprised at all. Something about that bill sounded fishy.

Maybe it was because we’d been hearing about this vote for weeks, yet no public official stepped forth to inform the masses about what was in the bill. Or maybe it was the fact that I had only seen two commercials on the bill, and neither were informative at all. Rather, they simply played off emotions of voters.

Look at little Johnny, sitting on his doorstep, waiting for his parents to come home. His parents are stuck in traffic. You want Johnny to see his parents, right? Then vote “Yes” on July 31.

Sorry, but I need more than that.

I didn’t do my research any further on the topic, so I did what any uninformed American should do — I stayed home and skipped this vote. I know you’ve all been told it’s your civic duty to get out and vote, but if you don’t know what you’re voting for, well, that’s a big load of crap.

And it’s the reason why we have people running our country who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing. Your civic duty is to research the topics, then vote. And if you don’t have the time to do the former, then you shouldn’t do the latter.

We’re living in a world of Facebook causes. You have to pick a side on seemingly everything, and don’t you dare consider the other side’s opinion reasonable! So it wasn’t shocking to see both sides of the voting population going at each other in the wake of the T-SPLOST vote.

Let me reason with both sides, since nobody else will do it.

To those who voted for T-SPLOST: I get it. You want traffic to be lessened around the city, and you want it done yesterday. I can’t imagine there’s a worse interchange in the world than trying to merge from I-285 onto GA-400 during rush hour. We like the idea of expanding our rail system. And it’s only an extra penny of tax!

To those who voted against T-SPLOST: I don’t blame you. Why should you trust government to do what they promised with your money when they’ve screwed up so many times in the past? If your mayor doesn’t shoot you straight, you shouldn’t have to be confident in this bill. Send them back to the drawing board and give them a lesson in communication. You wouldn’t buy a car if the salesman doesn’t tell you what’s under the hood, so why should you give a multi-billion-dollar bill the thumbs-up?

Regardless of which side I would have ended up supporting yesterday, I’m always upset with myself when I’m not up-to-speed on a topic. Next time the transportation vote comes up in Atlanta, I’ll be sure to get with the picture.

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