Is Greg Reid worth the headaches?

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It hasn’t even been a year since I wrote an open letter to Greg Reid on behalf of the Florida State fanbase, begging him to stay out of trouble and get past the demons in his life.

Tuesday night, he got arrested again. Reid was driving in his southern Georgia hometown when a police officer pulled him over. Reid was booked on possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and a suspended license — all fairly small penalties when you think about what else has been going on in college football lately.

But it’s not about the size of the crime anymore. With Reid, there have been too many run-ins with the law to think this will be the last time and I’m not sure he’s ever going to learn his lesson.

He said all the right things in an April interview with the Orlando Sentinel, saying:

If I sit down and really think about it, I’m about to be 22 years old. I’m not getting younger. There’s no way around it. It’s just being mature. If I want a successful life … I have to do what I have to do. That’s growing up and just being a man.

Eventually, he’s going to mean what he says, but it’s not happening yet. Here’s what Reid needs to understand — it isn’t 2009; Florida State can replace him with another cornerback who can cover receivers. They have several track stars on the roster who can return kickoffs and punts. He isn’t the hot commodity he used to be.

Reid seems to be as much of a bonehead off the field as he’s been, at times, between the lines. If the Seminoles are going to make a run at a national title some time this decade, they don’t need either.

And I’ll tell you what I don’t need — I don’t need to hear the “he just came from a bad upbringing” excuse anymore. Plenty of people grow up in crappy surroundings and still find a way to make something of their lives. I’m starting to think college football players who get into trouble have bought into that excuse and exploit it if they can.

Reid has every chance to leave his problems behind and become a man at Florida State, much like former Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell did in Athens. Yet Crowell still chose to break laws big enough to get kicked off the UGA squad, and Reid seems to be testing his boundaries in Tallahassee.

Reid’s offenses are less severe, and thus, Jimbo Fisher won’t kick him off the team. Hopefully, Reid’s teammates won’t make excuses for him like Crowell’s did last month.

Cornelius Washington is a Georgia linebacker who took up for his friend via Facebook. When Crowell was booted from Athens, Washington wrote this (from

“all (of you) think you know so much, but in reality you know nothing. You don’t know what we come from, you don’t know our struggles, all you know is the number on our jersies. 99% of you don’t give a crap about us outside of football. When we’re doing well you’re all in our faces, when things get tough and we need encouragement you’re nowhere to be found. You’re fake and I despise you for it. We shall band together guys, we’ve been working hard and we only need each other. NONE of those outsiders will contribute to our survival as a team or as individuals, you can guarantee that. #stickclosetoeachother ~corn washington”

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that with the Reid situation, calling out the fanbase and all, but if it does, I hope someone like Bobby Nettles steps forward.

Nettles is what I would call a “concerned” Bulldogs fan, and he responded with one of the most epic rants I have ever seen on Facebook. You can read it in full here, and while there are some vulgar words in the statement, it definitely drives a good point home.

Now, we wait to see what Jimbo Fisher does to punish Greg Reid … again.

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