Vote Chipper!

Update: Chipper Jones has been named to the National League’s All-Star Team!

This year’s MLB All-Star Game Final Vote might be the most exciting vote ever.

Bush vs. Gore? Fuhgettaboutit. Chipper vs. Bryce has so much more to offer the American people.

There are five guys on the ballot for the final player selected to the National League’s All-Star team, and it’s up to the fans to decide who is most deserving. Those five: Chipper Jones and Michael Bourn from the Braves, Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals, David Freese from the St. Louis Cardinals and Aaron Hill from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I’m a huge fan of Bourn, and all five guys deserve to be All-Stars, but let’s be honest — in the national scene, it’s Harper and Chipper that will garner the most attention on this ballot.

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So let’s break it down. On one side, you have Bryce Harper, who has barely played half of his team’s games in his rookie year (to be fair, it was because he was called up weeks after the season began). Harper is going to be a 15-time All-Star in what will be a long, fruitful career. Batting .274 with eight homers and 22 RBI, Harper is a big reason why the Nationals have been able to sustain success atop the NL East.

But how could you possibly argue against giving Chipper Jones one more curtain call when the entire baseball world will be watching?

He has played fewer games than Harper in 2012 (due to a long, nagging injury), but his .292 batting average is better. He has more RBI, with 29. He’s hit six home runs, which is pretty good.

If you want to talk stats, he’s right there with Harper. However, this about more than what Chipper has accomplished on the field in 2012.

This is about everything Chipper has accomplished on the field since 1994.

Cal Ripken, Jr. had his send-off in the 2001 All-Star Game, and his home run at Safeco Field was one of the best moments in the history of the Midsummer Classic. The baseball world should give Chipper a chance to make magic of his own in Kansas City. I’m not going to tell you it’s wrong to vote for one of the other four guys, but you could be robbing us of All-Star Game history if you do.

Now, go vote!

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