The heat is on in Atlanta (and elsewhere)

Those windows will be mighty hot in the coming days… (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

Get ready to sweat, Atlanta.

Record high temperatures will be falling across the country this weekend, but our fair town is going to feel like the surface of the sun. We’re used to summer heat, no doubt, but it’s going to be even hotter than normal.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the final day of comfortable weather on Wednesday, because upper-90s-and-above will be the norm in the coming weekend, at least. At the time of this blog’s posting, The Weather Channel is going with a high temperature of 103 degrees Friday, 106 on Saturday and 101 on Sunday.


These projected highs won’t just be oppressive — they’ll be record-breaking as well, if they validate. The all-time high for Atlanta is 105 degrees (achieved on July 13 and 17, 1980, according to The Weather Channel’s meteorologists), so we could see the highest temperature on record for the Capital of the South. Here’s one thing to keep in mind about that record: official readings are taken at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and we often don’t see temperature readings as high at our hub as we do in other parts of the city. So we might see temperatures above 106 on Saturday, but if it doesn’t happen at Hartsfield, it isn’t official.

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Regardless of how warm it gets, it looks fairly certain we’ll see temperatures in the triple-digits at least once this weekend. And if that happens, it will be the first time since 1954 that we see the thermometer hit 100 in the month of June. Fifty-eight years since we saw that, and it might happen three days in a row.

Thus, if you’re going to spend time outside this weekend, pack plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. There are always a lot of outdoor activities planned during an Atlanta summer, and beware of touching things that have been out in the sun for a while, because objects exposed to the sunlight are going to get very hot, very fast.

And please, please don’t use the word “Hotlanta” at any point this weekend, or ever. That nickname died about 14 years ago and is only used by corny politicians who visit our city in an effort to act like “they get us.”

Now, pass the sunscreen. I cook like a lobster every time the temperature goes above 72.

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