How college football could easily ruin the new playoff

The Pac-12, nor any other conference, should send their legends to comprise the Selection Committee (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)

While we’re all thrilled about the NCAA’s decision to institute a four-team playoff in college football, starting in 2014, there is a way to ruin it.

Just allow college football legends, with deep ties to their university and conference, to make the decisions.

It’s bad enough that college basketball’s selection committee is comprised of university presidents and such. Of course they’re going to make the final decision that’s in the best interest of their conference, if it’s an option.

You’re going to get the same issues with the committee in college football if you set it up the same way.

Bobby Bowden has expressed interest in being a voting member of the new committee. Not to beat a dead horse, but didn’t his decision-making in the final years of his career leave a little to be desired, fellow Florida State fans? Would you really want Mack Brown calling the shots when he’s done coaching, knowing full-well that Texas would probably get the benefit of the doubt from him, every single time?

The new playoff doesn’t give more teams a chance to win a championship — it gives the same teams more chances to win it all.

There’s a difference.

Think TCU is going to make it into the final four all that often? Think again. The committee may also ignore a good season by a team like Boise State, and the fact that the Broncos won’t have anyone on the committee to represent them will not help their cause.

Here’s my idea — put the media on the case. Form a group of 8-10 national college football writers and let them hash it out. They know the sport better than anyone else, and if they used to be allowed to decide the national champion (the AP Poll was the all-important poll before the BCS), they can do it again.

Below is a tweet from Alabama radio show host Paul (pronounced: PAWWWWWWL) Finebaum from earlier Wednesday, after he spoke with tv analyst/radio show host Tim Brando about the topic:

If Brando is an accurate representation of the sports media, they might not be quick to assume the role of judge, jury and executioner. If that’s the case, we might be stuck with the guys who want to do it.

That would be bad. Almost as bad as the BCS.

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