Youkilis traded to Chicago; baseball gods weep

AP Photo/Jim Mone

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the Chicago White Sox on this one.

But Kevin Youkilis looks awful in a White Sox jersey.

Baseball is great for a million reasons, and perhaps one of the best is the player who spends his entire career in one uniform. Derek Jeter and Chipper Jones are on their way to Hall-of-Fame retirements sooner or later, and there won’t be any debate about the team they’ll represent when they’re inducted into the Hall.

When the Red Sox traded Youkilis to the White Sox on Sunday, a franchise lost its most recent face.

And Youkilis was the face of the Red Sox, for nearly a decade. The first/third baseman played every game like it was his last and was as old-school as a baseball player gets these days. He was rewarded with two World Series rings, and was one of two remaining players on Boston’s roster that was on both the 2004 and 2007 title teams (David Ortiz was the other).

Look, I get how Major League Baseball works in 2012. It’s a business, especially in Boston — keeping up with the New York Yankees isn’t an easy task. Youkilis has battled injuries the last few seasons (probably because of his willingness to run through walls if necessary). Will Middlebrooks is the future for Boston, and Youkilis didn’t exactly get along with new manager Bobby Valentine.

But the Red Sox have made a final decision that will certainly sting if Valentine has a short stint as manager, or if Middlebrooks fizzles, or if Youkilis has a career revival in Chicago.

And if you’re asking me, then yes, I do think at least one of those hypotheticals will occur.

Fans of baseball lose in this one, because we love to see players like Youkilis ride off into the sunset of retirement after a long career with a single team. It’s not the same when they put on another uniform.

It’s awkward. But that’s baseball in 2012, I guess.

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