Duluth flooding produces incredible images

This road buckled completely with the force of floodwater pushing it up. (@Seth_Kaplan on Twitter)

It’s always a long day of work when you’re covering a breaking news story before the sun comes up.

That was the case this morning, as massive flooding ravaged Duluth, Minnesota in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday morning. The rain continued through the morning and early afternoon, and some of the images taken in the flood zones was simply stunning.

According to weather.com meteorologist Jon Erdman, Duluth was built on a hill, so the water flowed down into Lake Superior and took a lot of roads and other things with it. More than nine inches of rain fell, and according to locals, it was the worst flooding Duluth has seen in several decades.

While it is a very localized story, and not one with a lot of proximity to the Southeast, the images are simply incredible. Below are some of those pictures that show the true force of nature at its worst.

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Photo from @WisconsinSoup on Twitter
Photo from @TalkGuyStuff on Twitter
Photo from @TimothyBlotz on Twitter
Photo from @akullhem on Twitter
Photo from @halee24 on Twitter (it should be noted that this is a horrible idea)
A seal was found near the Duluth Zoo after floodwaters washed it out of its habitat (Photo from @DuluthNews on Twitter)

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