Ready for a college football playoff?

Vanderbilt is building a decent football program — will it rise to the top of the SEC? (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

It might not be ready this season, but prepare yourself — college football will probably have a four-team postseason playoff in place very soon.

That’s good news for fans of a sport that had so many debates the past few years over which teams deserved to play for a national championship. Supporters of a postseason playoff seemed to make up a majority of college football fans, and they surely have been screaming the loudest.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford told he believes the groundwork is being laid to develop a four-team playoff. That’s the easy part.

Then, the details would have to be ironed out. Would the playoff feature the four best conference champions? Could teams make it into the tournament if they didn’t win their conference? Where will these games be played?

Will a playoff make it even easier for the SEC to achieve their goal of winning 54 national titles in a row?

We’ll get the answer to those questions soon enough. For now, fans of a more-exciting college football postseason will sit back and hope the suits in charge don’t mess this up.

As far as personal preferences go, I’d like to see a four-team playoff take the place of the BCS Title game, and I want those four teams to be the four best teams in the nation. I don’t support the idea of having to win your own conference to get into the tournament, and I think if they do restrict it to conference champions, it might squeeze out the ACC and Big East. As a fan of an ACC school, I wouldn’t want to see that.

So keep working to get the ACC a good deal in this playoff scenario, Swofford. Don’t come back with anything less, like that shoddy tv contract you landed.

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