Stop it … Tiger Woods is not ‘back’

AP Photo/Ben Margot

This isn’t going to be easy for some of you to read.

Tiger Woods’ golf game isn’t even close to where it was before his ex-wife took a golf club to his car.

Not. Even. Close.

And even after a U.S. Open that was one of the most boring major tournaments in quite a while, partly due to Tiger’s irrelevance in the final round, I’m still not upset about Tiger’s misfortunes on the golf course.

And it’s not because he was a cheater — that’s his problem, not mine. It’s not because he curses on the course — plenty of us let a bad word slip out there.

It’s because of you — the obnoxious, overbearing fan of Tiger Woods.

Some of us got sick of reading social media posts every time Tim Tebow completed a pass last season. Some of those same people who dislike seeing Tebow’s Disciples exaggerate his success are the ones overreacting every time Tiger gets a birdie.

To those of us who don’t necessarily care where Tiger finishes in the field, it’s a little off-putting. It certainly doesn’t make me want to see him succeed.

It’s the same for Tiger as it was for Tebow — I’m not rooting against the guy and I’m not a “hater,” but when his army goes crazy, I’m less likely to root for him.

I don’t really have a rooting interest in the Tiger saga (although I do think the sport needs him), but I’ll tell you this: he is not “back.” Winning The Memorial doesn’t mean he’s “back.”

He did that in his sleep when he was “back.”

His short game is getting better. His driving is improving. Everything else is an abomination. Nobody can win a major when they can’t hit a 5-iron: not Jack, not Arnie, not Tiger.


So step away from the Facebook and Twitter until Tiger can figure that out. When he’s finally “back,” you can be the first to tell us you knew it all along.


And now, for something completely unrelated…

What’s this, Georgia Tech fan? Sports blog Friends of the Program posted a photo of a wedding cake at a GT wedding that was a depiction of Georgia mascot Uga after it had been run over by the Ramblin’ Wreck.

It’s disgusting. The photo is below, but I’m going to share more of my thoughts while you decide whether you want to see the cake, which is as graphic as a wedding cake gets.

Look, I get that rivalries are nasty. FSU fans love to photoshop a gator lying upside-down in a creek with a “Go ‘Noles” flag sticking up from its stomach. Is it dumb? You bet. A little uncalled for? Sure.

But putting the likeness of a dead dog, sawed in half, onto a wedding cake? That’s a little over the line. And why does a GT fan need to go there anyway? Don’t they have their own tradition to celebrate at weddings?

Again, it’s nasty, but here is the photo of the cake (and you can click on the photo to enlarge it if you want to — the “To Hell With Georgia” is a nice touch, as if we couldn’t already decipher this person’s feelings on their rival):

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