Pride comes in two forms

Excuse me for a minute, because I need to brag on a couple of people.

It’s been a long time since I was anxious for my alarm to go off at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but today, there was a reason for it. I had a 90-minute, Dunkin-Donuts-coffee-fueled drive to Gainesville, Ga. to watch my girlfriend compete in her first triathlon.

If she could swim, run and bike, then I figured I could wake up early and stand in a cool mist to cheer her on.

As someone who has never run so much as a 5K race, I was really proud of her for finishing No. 162 in her first triathlon. It’s great to see one of these races because you get to watch hundreds of people make something of their weekend morning.

One guy didn’t even have legs!

But that was only half of my Sunday fun. Tonight, I’ll get to see my brother make his Tony Awards debut, one year after graduating from college. If you didn’t know, Ryan Breslin plays the role of “Race” in Disney’s Newsies on Broadway. Tonight, the show has been nominated for eight Tonys; only four musicals have more nominations.

According to some articles written about the show, Newsies is grossing $1 million per week. It has been an incredible success, and tonight, it could be the Best Musical for an entire year.


The awards are great and all, but I’m more excited about the chance to see the Newsies perform in the first 15 minutes of the show (8 p.m. on CBS). If you haven’t seen the show or any of their performances, flip over to CBS for a few minutes tonight — I’m not a fan of Broadway, but their performances are entertaining for everyone.

As a brother of a performing arts major, I always knew about the Tonys. I always considered those shows that won awards to be in a different echelon, and I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother up on the biggest stage, surrounded by Neil Patrick Harris and other celebrities. It’s hard to picture someone who sits across from the dinner table up there, winning awards.

Tonight, it’s possible. So good luck, Ryan, and good luck, Newsies.

After 12 hours of this much fun, I’m going to sleep well tonight.

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