It’s officially baseball season in Atlanta

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

With one awfully-planned and horribly-executed (as they usually are) Josh Smith jumper from just inside the three-point line — followed by a couple of awfully pro-Boston calls from the referees — the Hawks were eliminated Thursday night by the Boston Celtics. The 83-80 loss ended any chance of a miraculous comeback from being down 3-1 in the series, and it began a transition that is as smooth as every other one in Atlanta sports history (exception: Braves, 1995).

It’s officially baseball season, folks.

The long, uphill, sweaty march toward football season is underway in the A-town. Until the end of August when college football kicks off, the Braves are all we have. It’s only mid-May, but from what we’ve seen so far, the Braves will give us a fun summer of good baseball.


But with the Hawks getting bounced from the playoffs, the city is now one-for-one-hundred-and-whatever when it comes to winning championships. Realistically, we understood the Hawks wouldn’t be winning a title this year.

They could have delayed the transition to a long summer with a few more wins, though.

I’m not mad about the way the Hawks’ season abruptly ended, but I do understand that the odds are stacked against the Braves. When your city has such a low success rate of winning titles, what are the odds?

But I’m not fazed. I think the Braves are built to win, and with a fifth playoff spot added in each league, their odds for making the postseason is greater. The young pitching is getting better every time they take the mound, and if this staff matures over the course of a six-month season and the franchise can afford to keep them together, there could be championships in the future.

Of course, that’s what I always tell myself.

There’s a lot to look forward to when fall comes around — the Braves will hopefully make a playoff appearance, and the Falcons are taking steps in the right direction. If they were already a playoff team in 2011, why shouldn’t they make it back in 2012?

We don’t have it all that bad, Atlanta.

After losing the Thrashers, the city now has three teams that consistently make the playoffs. It stinks that we can’t get one of those shiny trophies, but we’re a lot closer than most towns.

Houston. San Diego. Seattle. Kansas City. Cincinnati. Would you rather be a part of those cities’ fan bases?

Let’s make this quick, summer, so we can get to the fun part — a possible playoff run for the Braves and the start of another season of Falcons football.

I hate the summer, anyway.

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