What would you demand?

Sunday afternoon in the final round of the Masters, Louis Oosthuizen scored a double-eagle 2, the first time in tournament history that a golfer has logged that score on the 575-yard, par-5 second hole.

After knocking the ball into the hole from the fairway, Oosthuizen trudged up to the green, pulled the ball out of the hole and tossed it into the crowd in a very nonchalant manner. It fell into the hands of 59-year-old Wayne Mitchell, a man from New Tripoli, Pa. who was at Augusta National for the fifth time.

Course officials immediately descended on the lucky Mitchell and immediately began negotiations to wrestle the ball from the spectator so the course could have the piece of history forever. Or maybe Oosthuizen wanted the ball back and didn’t mean to throw it to the crowd in a moment of shock.

Either way, Mitchell had the ball, and the men in green jackets were willing to (confidentially) negotiate a trade-off to acquire it.

So that got me thinking — if I were sitting in Mitchell’s chair, knowing that I just caught a major piece of golf history, what would I ask for when the officials took me inside one of the storied buildings at Augusta National to make their offers?

Without getting too unreasonable (and I don’t think this is unreasonable), I would ask for a simple golf package from Augusta National: I would want to shoot one round on the course, and I’d want to stay in Butler Cabin the night before my round, and the night after.

That’s not crazy, right?

I’m not asking for $1 million (which I could probably get for the ball if I sent it to auction); I’m only asking for one round and a two-night stay, because I’d want to be in the right state of mind before I golfed the most immaculate course in golf.

Mitchell played off his stroke of luck on Sunday afternoon, and I probably would as well. What he did wasn’t an accomplishment — the ball fell into his lap, and he didn’t have to fight for it.

But I would still have a price to give the ball back.

Wouldn’t you?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you would demand in exchange for Oosthuizen’s double-eagle.

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