Atlanta’s pro teams falling backward

Josh Smith continues to wonder when he'll be traded by the Hawks

What in the world are the Hawks, Braves and Falcons waiting on?

A written invitation?

The stars to align?

The fanbases to quit?

In case you’re new to sports, Atlanta isn’t exactly Titletown. So while the rivals of the Braves, Falcons and Hawks make moves that will help them forge ahead in the pursuit of a championship, our teams are standing still.

They must know more than we do. Either that, or they think we’re stupid.

The front office that I trust the most is that of the Falcons. They have pieces in place to be a title contender, and they’re making small moves this offseason to make the team better. But they let special teams returner Eric Weems sign with the Chicago Bears, which left me nonplussed. Again, I’m more apt to trust the Falcons because they are hungry to win something big. You can at least see it in their faces and hear it in their words — they want to win a Super Bowl, and they’re going to sign the necessary players to make it more probable.

Can we really say the same for the Braves?

While the Marlins, Nationals and Phillies all made improvements to their rosters this offseason, the Braves sat on their hands and watched. We all thought they were going to do something, but they really didn’t do much. Sure, they re-signed a couple of guys and grabbed a few utility players, but missing was the big signing that comforted the fans and said, “Don’t worry; we have this under control. Last season’s meltdown will never happen again.”

I admire loyalty to franchise legends, but did the Braves really have to give Chipper Jones the third base job again? Like I said yesterday, are the Braves and their front office really thinking the road to the playoffs is paved with Chipper Jones’ good intentions?

And then there’s the Hawks.

Oh boy, the Hawks. Today’s trade deadline came and went, and while there weren’t any truly earth-shaking deals made in the league this afternoon, what was the genius move made by our hometown team?

They traded a second-round pick to Golden State for “cash considerations.”


Meanwhile, Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta. Dwight Howard doesn’t want in. Two hometown boys want no part of our franchise, and we trade a draft pick in the upcoming draft for some cash.

Folks, that isn’t standing still. That’s running the wrong way.

But I guess we can just accept our franchises for what they are. The Falcons are going to try to win a title, even if they haven’t made many moves this offseason. After all, there’s still the draft, and I’m confident that owner Arthur Blank knows what this team needs to be better next year (cough an offensive line cough).

The Braves are that team that seems like they just don’t have the money to go out and make the moves they know they need to make, so they’ll hope the young pitchers carry the team through the six-month season and into the playoffs.

And the Hawks have clipped their own wings.

Maybe that cash they just traded for will buy them new ones.

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