I love it when a plan comes together!

Michael Snaer is a bad man...

Florida State’s 48-47 victory over Virginia Tech Thursday night probably didn’t enlighten a whole lot of folks. It’s more than likely that the Seminoles’ win over the Hokies looked downright ordinary, and maybe a little pitiful, based on the score.

In that second half where VT outscored FSU 24-23, I finally had a revelation.

Leonard Hamilton’s image for this team is finally in place.

FSU is now 9-2 in the ACC, and even those who are still in denial about this team can’t say this is a fluke. Winning nine of 11 is never a fluke, especially when you’ve beaten every “good” team you’ve faced.

And not only that, I’ve learned that seemingly every break has gone FSU’s way this season. It’s been easy for me to notice when my teams seem cursed and torture me with devastating losses, but when FSU has given me the pleasure of two walk-off wins in the last month (and a 33-point win over UNC), I’ve told myself to enjoy that.

If you’re a Seminole, you should enjoy it, too.

The time to stop asking questions was last night. Down nine points with 70 seconds to go, FSU had every break go their way, and they did the impossible. Shot after shot went in after 39 minutes of frustration. There was no reason why it should have happened, but it did.

And that’s why it has been such a fun year, and the reason why it has been so much fun for me to watch this team develop from a team that couldn’t play defense (2006 and 2007) to a team that couldn’t play offense (2010 and 2011) to the team that can play stifling defense and make big-time shots (2012).

Is it perfect that FSU needed a buzzer-beater to knock off a mediocre Virginia Tech team at home, when the Hokies were rolling with just seven players? No, but it’s part of the fun — this team loves drama, and we’re lucky that they’ve been able to beat the good teams, because that’s all they’re going to see in the postseason.

The bandwagon is beginning to fill up, and it’s nice to see the team get the recognition they deserve. Florida State will probably never be a basketball school, but right now, I’m in basketball heaven.

And I don’t plan on coming back to Earth any time soon.

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