Edsall making no friends at Maryland

How many players have left your program, Randy?

The Randy Edsall experiment is failing miserably at Maryland, and all we can do is sit back and watch the train wreck.

It’s a mean, nasty, pitiful train wreck, where the head coach of the Maryland Football program has run off two dozen players. It’s anybody’s guess as to what is going on in College Park, but it certainly suggests that Edsall is one mean S.O.B.

Then, today happened, and confirmed it all.

First, there was the report that quarterback Danny O’Brien was leaving the program to transfer to another school, along with offensive lineman Max Garcia and linebacker Mario Rowson. The big story was the departure of O’Brien, the Terps’ playmaker of a quarterback that is going to have a great career playing football.

It’s just not going to be at Maryland.

According to the Twitterverse, O’Brien was planning on transferring to Vanderbilt after he decided to leave Maryland. Then, Edsall stepped forward and removed all doubt about what kind of a man he is.

So it’s like that, apparently.

What I get so tired of seeing is these coaches that don’t want the kids going to another program where they’ll be happy (and get a better education in O’Brien’s case). They’ll force a kid to stay with their program, yet they’re allowed to dart in the middle of the night if they see another coaching job they like more. It’s all so unfair.

Also, this situation is not helping Edsall’s rep. People were already wondering why so many players have bailed on him, but it makes him look like a total jerk when he refuses to let a kid go.

Perhaps the bigger loser of all is the University of Maryland. They kicked their ACC Coach of the Year Ralph Friedgen to the curb when they thought they could do better, and not only were they horrible in the 2011 season, it seems like they picked a real off-the-field winner with Edsall. The kids hate him, the fans hate him and he’s putting his players in thoroughly ridiculous uniforms (OK, that may be Under Armour’s fault).

So Edsall won’t let a kid go to a program that Maryland hasn’t played in the lifetime of any player on his team. It’s difficult to build a good reputation, but he’s proving that it’s pretty simple to destroy one.

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