They did it again!

Even Austin Rivers can't believe the incredible turnaround of FSU Basketball

Two weeks ago, I was clinging to hope.

Storming out of Clemson’s Littlejohn Coliseum, I was completely baffled by what I saw on the court as Florida State was handed a horrific loss. They lost a game to Princeton days before that, and in that game, they played what was statistically the worst first half in program history.

I had no idea what to think, but I thought back to last year when the Seminoles lost an inexplicable game at Auburn. They had been ruled out before, and I hoped this season would turn around as quickly as it did last year.

You know the story after that — close win at Virginia Tech, 33-point blowout against No. 3 UNC, then big win against Maryland.

But they couldn’t possibly beat No. 4 Duke and end the Blue Devils’ 45-game home winning streak.

Well, they did the unthinkable.


Two years ago, I went with some buddies to an FSU-Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, right in the middle of that 45-game streak. There’s just a certain arrogance that permeates that building, and it’s not necessarily their fault. They go to every game expecting to see their team win easily.

Wouldn’t you?

Nonetheless, I hope you’ll excuse me if I find an excess amount of pleasure from the video below. I saw, firsthand, the Dukies’ expectations that their team would win, so I imagine those students had a cold night in their tents last night.

I did the math this morning — Duke has lost to 24 different schools since I started as an undergrad at FSU in 2005. Of those programs, UNC has beaten Duke seven times in that span. Florida State is second with four wins.

Florida. State.

My only regret was that I’ve only seen one of those four wins in person. I love watching it on tv, but there is nothing like being there to see it go down.

I’ve seen us lose to Duke four times in person, but that one time I saw us knock them off made it all worth it.

But this isn’t about me … I’m just along for the ride. Every time FSU wins one of these games, I see someone on tv celebrating that absolutely deserves it. Whether it’s a random fan behind the bench that I’ve seen on road trips or a good friend of mine who was fortunate to make the trip and see the win in person when I couldn’t go or a player that has had ups and downs and finally gets to celebrate — that’s who these wins are about. And it’s the reason why I love this program, even when so many people jump off the ship when it seems hopeless to be aboard.

Don’t doubt them, folks.

I’m happy for Leonard Hamilton and Company, who went into Cameron Indoor Stadium and did exactly what they set out to do.

Can the NCAA Tournament start tomorrow?

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