How can the Mets be this negligent?

Was Jose Reyes playing on a broken leg here?

The New York Mets may have some serious issues on their hands.

Adam Rubin is a beat writer for ESPN New York, and he covered the Mets for the New York Daily News for years before that. Let’s just say that he’s very familiar with the Mets and how their franchise is run.

Lately, it hasn’t exactly been run on the same level as the best businesses in sports. To call the last few years a “circus” may actually be a slight to the brothers Barnum and Bailey, since their venture was actually successful. A popular phrase among other Major League Baseball fans has been, “Yeah, but at least we aren’t the Mets.”

I’m complaining about that or anything.

Enter Rubin, who must have been irritated about something the Mets did to him, because he took to Twitter for a rant that exposed the franchise for many of their shortcomings in past years.

Specifically, their negligence of serious injuries sustained over the course of several seasons.

The tweets are eye-opening, albeit unconfirmed by those who work for the Mets. But Rubin is a writer who has had run-ins with Mets employees before, and he has some serious connections to the inner workings of this team. If anyone would be right about posting behind-closed-doors secrets, it’s Rubin.

Here are some of the tweets posted last night and today, and you can judge them for yourself. What do you think — was it sour grapes or is this evidence of a serious problem in the franchise?

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