Vote: College Football’s Play of the Year

Trent Richardson ... breaking ankles

College football has several plays every year that make you wear out the DVR, rewinding over and over and making you say, “Did you see that?”

2011 was no exception. As is usually the case, choosing the best of the best is tough to do, so I’m asking my awesome readers to make the call for me. Below, you will see the four picks for top play of the year, so give them another look and decide for yourself (or leave a comment if you feel there’s another play that should have gotten credit).

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Trent Richardson leaves Senquez Golson nursing his broken ankles
The picture above doesn’t do this play justice, but the video below surely will. If Alabama running back Trent Richardson had a “Heisman moment,” this was definitely it. Just … watch:

Andrew Luck — the quarterback — makes a one-handed catch
We all knew Stanford quarterback could throw, but who knew he could catch like this? Luck burned the UCLA defense and made a ridiculous catch (without the aid of sticky receiver gloves). The play was apparently ahead of its time, because neither the refs nor the announcers saw it as a catch … until they reviewed the play.

Michigan State’s game-winning Hail Mary
On Oct. 22, the Michigan State Spartans and Wisconsin Badgers played a game for the ages, as the two nationally-ranked teams battled to the wire in East Lansing. MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins heaved a Hail Mary pass to the end zone, and Keith Nichol caught the deflection. Eventually, the review showed the ball broke the plane of the goal line, and Michigan State was awarded a touchdown and a 37-31 victory.

18 seconds of magic in Fayetteville
Arkansas punt returner Joe Adams appeared to be trapped against the sideline on this play, but 18 seconds later, he was standing in the end zone. How did it happen? You’ll just have to watch:

Elvis Akpla makes an unreal catch
This may be a late addition to the list, but it is certainly deserving. Montana State receiver Elvis Akpla had a completely ridiculous catch against Sam Houston State over the weekend in the FCS Playoffs. Just because it’s not FBS doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Check this catch out:

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