What in the world is going on in Gainesville?

Is Mike Shula really going to run the Gators' offense next?

The antics out of Gainesville just keep getting better.

Roughly 24 hours ago, Charlie Weis was still firmly the offensive coordinator of the Florida Gators … or so we thought. Now, Weis is the head coach at the University of Kansas, and the Gators are once again looking for a new coach to lead their offense.

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Allow me a second to wax poetic about Weis. The man clearly just wanted to be a head coach again and was only stopping in Gainesville to fill a position until the chance to get a leading role presented itself. But his constant reassurance that he was loyal to the Gators was what people saw. That’s what he told recruits, that’s what he told the media and that’s what he told the fans.

Apparently, that’s also what he told Florida head coach Will Muschamp — he found out Weis was gone when the rest of us did yesterday.

So Weis took the Kansas job, a school with which he’s never had a connection. It sure seems like he wasn’t too loyal to those kids he recruited to play for the Gators!

The rumor mill is churning today, and people with sources close to the program are saying that Carolina Panthers quarterbacks coach Mike Shula is on Muschamp’s radar.

Read that again, and remember to breathe between bursts of laughter.

Shula was the head coach of Alabama Football in the years before Nick Saban took over. To say the Crimson Tide were irrelevant is an understatement, but to be fair, Shula took over under sanctions and plenty of issues.

However, if this is the best Muschamp can do as Weis’ replacement, he’s going to lose his job. Maybe not next year, but he won’t be coaching the Gators much longer.

One final thought — how would you feel if you were a recruit in the Class of 2012 who wanted to attend Florida? These kids start the process of making a decision on their school of choice two or three years before they head off to college. So if you’re an offensive player who has had Urban Meyer in your home, professing his loyalty to you and the University of Florida, only to see him leave, you’re going to be peeved.

But then, you have Charlie Weis telling you the same thing the next year, only to leave again. What in the world would make you want to stay loyal to Florida when the coaches are always jumping ship?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Am I right?

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