Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate turns dirty

Winner gets to brag for a whole year!

Anybody who calls into a radio show and barks is either retarded or doesn’t have a life.

This statement was uttered by Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson during his call-in show on Tuesday night. A man that we can probably assume to be a Georgia fan called the show and barked before hanging up the phone (or being cut off, which is definitely possible).

And the GT-UGA rivalry has another log thrown on the fire.

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I appreciated the lessons I learned last year while covering Johnson’s Yellow Jackets. He has a great bunch of kids on and off the field, and he made me a better professional, because he doesn’t give you coach-speak. He wants every second of his day to be valuable, and he lets you know if you’re wasting his time.

So with that, you know he’s an old-school, take-no-prisoners, I-won’t-BS-you kind of guy.

But you can’t say that as the leader of the most prominent program at your university. I know it will get the crowd riled up, and I know there won’t be many GT fans out there who will see a lot wrong with what he said, but you can’t say that on your show that is broadcast out to the world.

Johnson issued an apology through a spokesman, and I think he finally figured out where the line is when it comes to what you can and can’t say about your rival when the public is listening. At the end of the day, you’re representing your institution and Georgia Tech is a very prestigious one.

You know, one where 20 percent of the alumni are millionaires.

Hopefully, Johnson won’t cross the line again because I think his candid comments about Georgia are pretty funny, and I’m sure it’s painful for him to have to issue an apology. There aren’t enough people that stand up for those who don’t think the SEC is the only form of football on the planet, so I think Johnson is a breath of fresh air.

We all know how much you hate your rival, Paul. Just try to keep your true thoughts behind closed doors from now on.

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