Eagles’ ‘Dream Team’ disbanding after six games

The Eagles are already trading players away ... wasn't this group supposed to be good to go for years? (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

This afternoon, running back Ronnie Brown was traded from the Eagles to the Detroit Lions, and just like that, the “Dream Team” as we knew it was gone.

Oh sure, 52 other players remain, but think back to Aug. 2 — the day the Eagles signed Brown. Having already signed cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Vince Young, among others, the Eagles were assembling big-name players and preparing for a championship run. They spent millions of dollars, seemingly a new major contract every day, leading to Young himself penning this group as “The Dream Team.”

They’ve won two out of six games since then.

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Philly is dead-last in the NFC East and their quarterback, Michael Vick, has been beaten up in almost game so far this season. He’s not really a good quarterback to begin with (I said “good”, not “exciting”), so the cards are really stacked against him. Brown has done nothing to earn his seven-figure salary, running the ball 13 times for 38 yards and not scoring once. To be fair, though, he was close to scoring one time … until he did this:

That’s more of a nightmare than a dream, if you ask me.

The Lions sent a 2013 draft pick and running back Jerome Harrison to Philly in exchange for Brown, but Dream Team isn’t really getting much out of this deal — Harrison has 14 carries for 41 yards in 2011. The Eagles are pretty much going to be the same team the rest of the way, and they were supposed to be 6-0 or 5-1 right now.

But they’re 2-4, and head coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat because the front office spent too much money on this group to get such an awful result.

Young, the back-up quarterback, was given a chance on Sunday when Vick got injured, and promptly threw an interception when he entered the game. Hmm … I guess Young meant the other players were the Dream Team, because he’s not making anyone smile in Philadelphia.

This morning, the Oakland Raiders traded for irritated quarterback Carson Palmer, who I’d say was a Bengals quarterback, but I think he retired or something. After the trade was finalized, rumors surfaced that Young was the Raiders’ back-up plan if they didn’t land Palmer. While Philly fans probably wouldn’t argue with that trade, the Dream Team as we knew it sure is falling apart, isn’t it?

I understand that most of the hype was created by the media in the offseason, but some of it was created by Young. The Eagles have 10 more games to turn things around, but losing four of your first six games and then moving some of the players you just signed isn’t giving me or anyone else any confidence that this project is going to work in Philly’s favor.

Maybe counting chickens should be saved for after they hatch.