FSU to the SEC: Pros and Cons

Will this become an SEC tradition someday?

On Sunday, talks between Texas A&M and the SEC stopped for the time being, reportedly so the Aggies could get their ducks in a row and talks could continue in the future. This means no other schools will be courted at the moment (at least we think that’s what it means), so Florida State is still an ACC school.

So as I stare at this list I drew up that lists my pros and cons of FSU joining the SEC, I might as well put it in writing (21st-century metaphorically speaking) and show you why it may be good or bad for FSU to listen up the next time the SEC comes calling (and they will).

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Top-notch football. Of course they’re the best conference in college football. They’ve won five titles in a row, and they are centered in the richest talent pool in the sport — the South. If FSU is still a football school (and 99 percent of our fans believe we are), then it’s stupid to not step up and give yourself a chance to prove you’re still one of the best teams in the country.

Hello, Rupp! For those of us who are basketball fans, seeing the Seminoles playing in Rupp Arena would be fantastic. Having seen FSU in Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke and having friends who saw them play in the Dean Dome at UNC, there is nothing cooler than seeing the ‘Noles in a cathedral of basketball.

Shorter drives to road games. Athens is 90 minutes from me. Auburn is about the same distance. Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and so many others are a day trip. How cool would that be?

Getting away from the All Carolina Conference. FSU may have built the ACC, but we’ve never been rewarded for it. The four Carolina schools are still the favorites because most of those in charge went to one of those four schools. Allowing an angry Virginia Tech team to enter the field to “Enter Sandman” in the 2010 ACC Championship game was a nice touch (they didn’t allow us to play our War Chant, which should have angered every FSU fan).

Title games in Atlanta. The ACC does this every now and then, but Atlanta hosts far more SEC events than our current conference does. As we saw in last year’s Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Atlanta is a great meeting place for Seminole Nation.


Football titles are tougher to win. If this is truly about football, then why leave the ACC? College football has proven that if you have a name like Florida State, you don’t have to beat the best in order to be the best. Just win the ACC and beat Florida and you can play for the title. I promise.

Idiots invading Tallahassee. I’ve heard the stories of what happens to Athens, Ga. when Georgia loses games to fellow SEC schools that have large fanbases in attendance. If I can only make a trip or two to Tallahassee during football season, why would I want to deal with thousands of drunk Tennessee fans in my face when I go to the bars after a loss? It’s better to be depressed after a loss when you don’t have the other team’s fans taunting you.

Goodbye, Cameron and Dean Dome. I love ACC basketball arenas. I hated Florida’s and wasn’t too fond of Auburn’s, as beautiful and new as it was. I’d miss the ACC arenas immensely.

16 teams? No thanks. It was rumored that if Texas A&M and FSU bolted for the SEC, two other schools would follow (most likely Clemson and Missouri). It would be impossible to win that conference in any sport. More teams = lower probability of a title.

Having to root for Florida? Imagine we’re tied with Georgia for the SEC East lead in a sport and they’re playing Florida on the last week of a season. Are you prepared to pull for Florida for our own benefit? Didn’t think of that one, did you?

Instant little-brother status. I’ll compare us to the Miami Heat in this regard: everything we did would be placed under a microscope. Chances are, you’ve heard it already — “You don’t want to join the SEC because you’d be begging the bully to punch you in the mouth. Stay in the ACC where you belong, FSU.” Well, the funny thing about the bully is that sometimes, they’re not as tough as they think they are, but stumbling wouldn’t be an option for FSU if they went to the SEC. If we did, it would be a barrage of “See, I told you they weren’t good enough to play with us.” So yeah, much like the Heat, we (and any other newcomer) would have our every step scrutinized until we proved to them that we’re capable of beating anyone in the conference. And I’ll tell you right now — we are. In any sport.