Which Atlanta team is most championship-ready?

John Abraham is getting older -- will he be a part of a title team in Atlanta?
The state of Atlanta sports is quite strong right now, at least for a town that just lost one of their pro teams. But some of our teams are a little more championship-ready than others.

I figure this will be a fun and interactive way to talk sports, so be sure to let me know what you think about this list and then tell me which team you think will win a title first on my Poll of the Week.

Atlanta Falcons
It’s a good problem when I have a difficult time deciding between two teams, because that means the city has more than one chance at a title. But I feel the Falcons are the closest to a championship because of just how much everyone in the franchise is obsessed with winning. GM Thomas Dimitroff has been a champion elsewhere, and owner Arthur Blank would spare no cost to get a ring. They have most of the pieces in place to win it all, and they only made themselves better by trading several draft picks to get wide receiver Julio Jones. If they can pick up a few decent players in free agency, there is no doubt that they have a shot at 13-14 wins again this season, which may get them another No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

The sky is the limit for the Falcons, and I have faith that they’re going to get their championship.

Atlanta Braves
The Braves are working just as hard to win a ring, and their farm system is set up for years to come. It’s setting up like the glory years, when tons of talent sat waiting in the minor leagues in case a trade is needed or an injury occurs. There is enough older talent to lead the way for the younger players, and the fans are beginning to buy in. The fan experience at the ballpark is much improved from past years, and Turner Field just has that vibe again. I do believe the Falcons will win a title first, but if the NFL doesn’t get started on time, the Braves may win theirs this season, before the Falcons even take the field again.

UGA Football
I’m shocked to be saying this, but maybe I’m only ranking UGA Football third because there aren’t any other capable options left in the town. I know UGA isn’t located in Atlanta, but the fan base is centered here, so I will include them in the mix. I would take the Dawgs third because they play in the SEC, and while they only have one title (and it wasn’t recent by any means) … they play in the SEC. It would appear the SEC now has an automatic berth into the BCS Title game, so just winning the SEC would give the Dawgs a real chance to get title No. 2. I just don’t see any way this one happens in the next five years.

GT Basketball
Their dream run wasn’t a fluke in 2004. If they put together the right players, they can win it all. We’ll see what new head coach Brian Gregory has in the tank, but there is so much talent in the Atlanta area that a title is possible. Like Georgia Football, it’s probably at least five years away, though.

Atlanta Hawks
Sure, they may shock us all and sign a true, legitimate superstar to win us a title, but I doubt that will ever happen. Combine ownership issues with a really, really tough division (we play the Magic and Heat a lot in the Southeast), and it’s tough to see the Hawks winning the championship in the next decade.

GT Football
Even if they made it to the championship game, their opponent would have a month to prepare for their offense, and as we’ve seen, that is way too much preparation for Tech to succeed. Triple-option is a neat little offense, but it won’t win a title in 2011.

UGA Basketball
Sorry, but this one isn’t happening. Ever. It’s nice to see them recover from the fall they had, but they will always live in the shadows of Kentucky and Florida in the SEC.