My Bucket List of Sports

It’s true that sports are a huge part of my life. If the blog wasn’t enough proof of that, well, now you have my word as well.

But there are so many Meccas of sport that I have never seen and countless events that I have yet to attend that have contributed to my Bucket List of Sports, and since I am at a loss for things to discuss in current sports news, here is my list.

See baseball games in Wrigley Field and Fenway Park: I love old ballparks. I even miss the old Fulton County Stadium from time to time. So this is a must for me — I have to take in a game in each of the old-time parks in my lifetime. The purity of the games played in these stadiums, the focus and passion of the fans on the game itself and, frankly, the filthiness of the stadiums that are probably breaking down would all add to the atmosphere of the game, and I intend to be a part of it someday.

Attend the College World Series: I’ve been to the NCAA Basketball Tournament each of the last two years, but I’ve never seen the College World Series in Omaha. This is the first season in the new stadium since the event moved from the Old Rosenblatt Stadium after last year’s championship, but the way college baseball fans unite once a year in Omaha is something I need to see for myself.

Attend the Kentucky Derby: The horses. The betting. The gorgeous women, dressed to the nines. Where else would you rather spend a Saturday in May? It seems perfect, and I’ve never heard otherwise from people who have attended. I have been to Churchill Downs, but never during the big event … that needs to change.

See a Super Bowl in person while the Falcons play for the title: I think this would be the pinnacle for me as a sports fan, with the exception of seeing FSU play for a championship in basketball. The Falcons in the Super Bowl and being able to see it live? Too special for me to believe, but hopefully that can be crossed off the list someday.

Attend the Masters: It is golf perfection, and it’s in my own state! Tickets are becoming slightly easier to attain, so I hope to have the opportunity to enjoy the weekend of golf in person. Major, major bonus points if I actually get to shoot a round of golf at Augusta National.

Go to the Final Four: Even if Florida State isn’t one of the four teams, it would be so cool to see the four schools on the floor and their fans in the stands. They have waited their lives to be a part of that moment, and it all becomes reality with one tip of the ball. Every team gets 40 minutes to prove they are one of the best two teams in the nation out of over 300 schools, and then they play a championship game!

Sit in the outfield seats for a Home Run Derby: Three hours of the best sluggers in the game taking aim at me? Sign me up!

We’ll see how many of these I can cross off the list before the Rapture, uhh, really happens.