Kemba Walker goes pro — I think I know who’s next…

This afternoon, Connecticut guard Kemba Walker announced that he’d have an announcement regarding his future tomorrow. As a couple of sources have said, the announcement of the announcement is a precursor to his announcement that he will declare a year early for the NBA Draft.

Confused yet?

While this announcement comes as little surprise to the basketball world, it’s still a big announcement. With a few players still pondering their future because of a possible NBA lockout, Walker’s return to UConn would have made the Huskies a serious contender to win back-to-back national titles. But he is expected to leave school and turn pro, so we’ll never know how good next season would have been for UConn with their star.

So let’s skip ahead to this Wednesday, when Florida State’s star prospect, Chris Singleton, has scheduled his own announcement. At 3 p.m. on uStream, Singleton will tell the world whether he will enter the NBA Draft or come back to FSU for one more season.

I think we all know which way this announcement will go.

As much as I’d to see Chris play one more year in Garnet and Gold, it won’t happen. He broke his foot late this season and barely made it back in time for the NCAA Tournament, and I believe that was the moment he made up his mind. Risking another injury next year could cost him millions, so it makes sense to go now.

Plus, look at the way he is announcing. When a kid decides to return, the event is hosted by the school, with the coaches and teammates surrounding that player when he tells everyone that he’s coming back. When they declare for the Draft, it is often in a written statement.

This is basically a written statement, but with Singleton being so uStream-oriented, this makes sense. The kid put a camera on the floor at the practice facility over the summer and broadcast his workouts over the network.

If you ever wanted tips for calisthenics, Singleton’s webcam broadcasts were the place to go.

But come Wednesday afternoon, it is my not-so-bold statement that Singleton will be gone from FSU’s basketball team, and I wish him nothing but the best. Our team may not be as good without him as we would have been if he stayed, but he gave us three great years. We made the tournament all three seasons that he spent on campus, and that’s saying something for a program that hadn’t made the Big Dance once in over a decade.

So thank you, Chris, and good luck in the NBA. If, of course, that’s where you decide to play next season.