A dirty, filthy mess

In a game that Seminoles’ fans placed unlimited blame on seemingly an umlinited number of sources, Florida State eeked out a 19-9 victory in the rain on Saturday evening in Tallahassee.

The blame went to Jimbo Fisher. Mickey Andrews. Christian Ponder. Bobby Bowden. The secondary. Even departing president T.K. Wetherell.

The fact is, if you selected any of these possible options, you’d be right.

When you need a late touchdown to defeat a Division I-AA opponent at home, it is everyone’s fault. And surely this is no exception.

For you Florida State fans reading this, thank your lucky stars, because it could have been a lot worse. While we all see the writing on the wall with tough opponents ahead, at least we won. It sounds trivial, but imagine how different the sports world would have been this morning if the Gamecocks had held on to win.

Remember Michigan losing at home to Appalachian State? This would have been worse — at least Appalachian State was the best that I-AA had to offer.

Michigan fans had to spend the next year watching the clips of the Mountaineers beating them, and if JSU had won last night, their celebration party on the Seminole head would have been just as public.

But we won, so let’s move on and worry about the things we have to worry about. And boy, do we have to worry.

Our next opponent is a top-10 team: BYU. On the road. And they like to pass the football a lot.

If there’s one thing that we already know about this Florida State team this early in the season, it’s that we have absolutely no way of stopping a deep pass. And since that secret has spread all the way into the I-AA ranks, I’m sure a pass-happy offense like BYU already knows.

Another thing we have known all along about a Mickey Andrews defense is that if you run any, and I mean any, form of an option offense, the entire defensive unit folds faster than you can say “when is Mickey gonna retire?” Jacksonville State controlled the clock yesterday by allowing quarterback Ryan Perilloux to run an option occasionally when the team needed a first down.

Florida State Football is a lot like a group project in college. There is always that one person who isn’t going to produce, and there is always that one person who will pick up the slack and get the project done. The “slacker” at FSU is the defensive coaching staff, and it is sad to watch the offense click when the defense has no way of improving because of the coaches.

Sure, the offense looked sloppy yesterday too, but we all know that Jimbo Fisher and the rest of his offensive staff will have the unit ready and improved for next weekend. Meanwhile, the defense will make no adjustments, and we will be left hoping that the BYU receivers drop those deep balls, because we won’t be in their face when they throw it.

My soapbox is collapsing, but I need to let you guys know — it is that bad, and our expectations for this season should be dramatically lowered. 6-6 is something we should be hoping for, but we should be prepared for 4-8. I mean that.

Repeat after me: thank goodness for NC State, Maryland, and Wake Forest.