Should Michael Vick be reinstated?

He has polarized anyone with an opinion over the last two years, and like T.I. says about opinions, “They’re like Escalades, everybody’s got one.”

But now comes the tough question- should Michael Vick be allowed to come back and play in the National Football League as soon as he is ready to play up to the speed of the league?

Sure, the question of whether or not Vick’s actions against dogs were heinous is a no-brainer. It was disgusting and should never be done. The Atlanta Falcons had an easy choice to release him, and that made their franchise better and gave the world the appropriate image of the team.

However, the decision that will have to be made by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will probably take far more thought. Should he reinstate the troubled quarterback now, later, or never?

If I were in Goodell’s shoes, I would have already made up my mind and I would be prepared to defend my ruling, because if I were Roger, my decision probably wouldn’t be the most popular.

I would suspend Vick for another season.

I completely understand the thought process when people say, “He’s served his time. Let him earn a living already.” However, if I’m the head of the most popular professional sports league in the United States, I wouldn’t be fast to allow someone with a history like Vick’s back into the league.

What I would do is ensure that Vick was signed by a team in a smaller league, like the Canadian Football League. Ricky Williams had to do it in order to get back to the league, and it may be good for Vick to “rehab” in a league with less talented players.

Additionally, the one-year suspension would send a message to Vick- stay out of trouble for a season, and you can come back and enjoy the multi-millions that will likely be coming your way again. But only if you stay on the right track that you have promised everyone you built for yourself.

Of course, that may all be just talk. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick has been spending his first days as a free man in meetings with the NFL Players Association, which is just where he should be if he wants to play in the league again. The problem, however, is where he has been spending his nights.

The AJC also mentioned that Vick was spotted on Monday night at a Virginia Beach strip club with Allen Iverson and Iverson’s wife.

Come on, Mike.

So here we are, Vick is making himself look like Pacman Jones. Nothing good has ever come from an athlete frequenting a strip club, and I’m sure Goodell has heard the news.

One year, Roger. He clearly hasn’t grown up enough to be a professional. Football player or anything else.