Chad Ochocinco the Twit-terer

A lot of people have joined the Twitter craze. Heck, I’ve even taken part in the fun…from the 9th hole of a lot of my golf rounds.

But the level Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco wants to take it has never been done before. Not by any professional athlete, ever.

Chad wants to Tweet during Bengals football games this upcoming season.

Obviously he won’t be able to Tweet while he is on the field, although he may give it a shot during a touchdown celebration (and it wouldn’t be much more outlandish than his CPR routines on a football, proposing to a cheerleader or handing out Christmas presents to the fans on Christmas Day like he did to celebrate past touchdowns). However, he said recently that he plans to Tweet on the sideline while his team is on defense.

You know, the time when every player on the bench should be supporting the defense.

Since this is a blog, I apologize for making you have to read this far before getting my opinion. I think it’s hilarious, and fine by me.

First of all, there isn’t a single guideline in the National Football League for Twitter usage. A few teams even Tweeted about who they would pick in April’s NFL Draft to fans before the official pick was made.

So why can’t we give ol’ Chad a venue to express his frustrations or share his happiness in the middle of a game?

Let’s be honest- by the time the season starts, the NFL will have a rule against Tweeting during games. If this were poker, Ochocinco had a great hand and disclosed it way too soon.

It’s too bad, because he usually waits until the perfect time to show his cards.

Because of the heavy fines that will probably await Ochocinco if he uses Twitter during a game, we probably won’t see him do it. In the event that he does go through with it anyways, we will be treated to vintage Chad Ochocinco.

He does his best work when he doesn’t prepare his thoughts. His material is often as good as a stand-up comedian.

While Twitter is a fairly new phenomenon, it has been the epicenter of several sports controversies already. Back in March, Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva was caught posting updates to Twitter during halftime of an NBA game against the Boston Celtics.

To be fair to Villanueva, if Scott Skiles was my head coach, I probably wouldn’t be listening either.

As for Ochocinco, I say go for it. If Brad Paisley can send a Tweet during an acceptance speech at the Country Music Awards, then Ochocinco should be able to celebrate a fine achievement in the same manner.

Maybe Ochocinco can combine all of his celebrations into one- give the football CPR, then hand out presents to the crowd while a Bengals cheerleader types the Tweet into his phone, and then he can run over and hit “send”.

It would be well worth the hilarity and I would probably even pay the fine.