Florida State is cruisin’ for an NCAA bruisin’

Call it soon-to-be former Florida State University president T.K. Wetherell’s big bang just before leaving.

Days ago, FSU received a response from the NCAA with regards to the appeal filed by the university over the academic scandal and subsequent punishment. The NCAA basically said that the punishments handed down to the university were fair and would not be changed, despite FSU’s disapproval of the punishment.

So, what would be the logical response to the second “No” by the NCAA? Probably to move on, allow the wins to be vacated, and promise to never break the rules again.

But Florida State has responded, yet again, in an effort to not be upstaged by the boss. While the NCAA has been very hypocritical in this case and in the past as well, sometimes you just have to accept that the ruling won’t change and stop pushing.

This could cost us more, way more, if we don’t stop calling out the committee(s) working on our case. They could take away more scholarships, or give us other penalties that would cripple our program farther into the future. Losing wins and taking Bobby Bowden out of the overall wins race shouldn’t be this big of a deal.

As for the reponse fom the NCAA (as a response, to the response, to the response, to the ruling), it probably won’t come until the football season is well underway, which should give the media more ammunition to bash the football program once the season has gotten started.

Of course, I am taking a liberty in assuming that the team will be playing well enough at that point that the media can’t bash them for that instead.

FSU isn’t presenting any new facts in the response to the NCAA; they are just responding yet again to say that “the penalties are unfair”.

Doesn’t this sound a little like Obama’s “stern warnings” in the direction of North Korea and Iran?

But without bringing a political statement too much into the blog, I would have liked to see this mess settled before the football season started. After all, the news broke way back in December 2007, when I was just finishing up my fifth semester at Florida State University. I have been gone from campus for two months now, and to think that the school is still spending necessary dollars on this appeal is sickening.

Not only is it incredibly annoying to have to deal with the story lingering into the upcoming football season, but it continues to give head coach Bobby Bowden hope that his wins will not be vacated. Would he have turned the reigns over to Jimbo Fisher after the 2008 season if the punishment was finalized and the wins were taken away? Maybe not, but it’s always possible and would have made the offseason a lot less stressful.

One aspect of the punishment that I don’t blame the school for protesting is the vacation of the 2007 track and field national championship. However, the school has made it clear in their last response, according to an Associated Press report, that the school is willing to vacate the national title and the football losses, as long as Bowden doesn’t lose his victories.

This has now become completely about Bobby.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to tell a great legend that he is killing his legacy (ahem, Brett Favre)? But it seems that Bowden is not getting the message, maybe because the school is not sending that message.

I guess I’ll have to. Thanks for all the great times, Bobby. But now it’s time to ride.