“Favre” from a class act


Ok, I’ll be the 4,187th person to ask this question in the last eight minutes, but does anyone really care to hear about the Brett Favre soap opera…again?

For a man that was made out to be such a quiet, mind-my-own-business type of guy, he sure has a drama-queenish side that can’t possibly be respected by many in the National Football League.

At the end of the 2007 season, Favre decided at the age of 38 that he was through with football. He seemed convincing, after all, he nearly went out on top after losing in the NFC Championship Game to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the future Hall of Famer. Maybe he decided he’d need another year to work on that Hall of Fame speech, as playing an extra season would delay the process by 12 months.

Favre played the 2008 season in New York as the signal-caller for the Jets. It looked like a bad idea for Favre to risk a terrific legacy on a team that didn’t look to be a powerhouse in the AFC.

Looking back, Favre may have kept the Jets from being a playoff team, as the roster’s biggest hole seemed to be their quarterback position.

So why is he rumored to be coming back yet again? This time, it is the Minnesota Vikings that seem eager to ruin an entire season with hopes of garnering national attention for their undertaking.

Rumor today is that Brett has bought several hotel rooms in Green Bay for the weekend that the Vikings will hit the road to take on the Packers for Monday Night Football. Problem is, I’m not sure Favre is going to want his family in attendance should things, you know, go horribly wrong.

Maybe Favre has forgotten about the Packers’ powerful and nasty defensive line. I have made this statement before, and for the sake of taking it completely public, I will say it again: If Brett Favre plays in that Monday Night Football game, and he is, at any point in the game, injured due to a hard hit, the Packers’ fans will cheer the injury.

I’m not kidding. Those people gave Favre everything, and they got a huge middle finger in return.

So Favre should think very carefully in the next week about whether he wants that to be the football world’s last memory of him in professional football. It’s not a stretch to say a 39-year-old won’t make it through a full season of devastating hits, and the knockout could come in that Nov. 1 trip to Green Bay.

If you think ESPN isn’t loving this constant attention they have given Favre, you are crazy. Some of their anchors have tried to pretend they are irritated by the round-the-clock coverage, but it won’t go away until Favre finally does.

And at this rate, that time will finally come, uh, never.

I recall the day when the comeback talks got rolling again. Back in March, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer apparently texted Favre and asked him what the odds were of another return to the NFL. Favre’s reply was simple: “There is no chance.”

Two weeks later, Dilfer reported that Favre was comtemplating another un-retirement. Thanks Trent.

Is it too late for Favre to be busted on one of the Vikings’ infamous “boat parties”?

I sure hope it’s not.