Anquan Boldin: A Great Seminole


When I was pondering my first blog entry, I thought of my favorite teams and the storylines that have dominated the headlines recently. I reached back to think of something that would set the tone the best for this page.

Then a headline flashed across my television that essentially made the decision for me:

Anquan Boldin plans to fire agent Drew Rosenhaus

The man had already reached the top of the ladder in my book, but if possible, he created another rung and climbed it. The one blemish on his record was the scum he had representing him.

Boldin is a former Florida State wide receiver that has made quite the name for himself in the National Football League. He helped lead the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl last season, falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers after a Cinderella run through the NFL Playoffs.

However, as most know, the story of Boldin’s season may have nothing to do with the dream ending. It actually was written in Week 4, during the Cardinals’ bitter beatdown at the hands of the New York Jets.

As the 56-35 drubbing was coming to an end, Boldin sprinted into the end zone and was lit up by safety Eric Smith as he stretched to make the catch. Boldin suffered numerous broken bones, a concussion, and a fractured sinus for good measure. The hit was so vicious that many assumed it would be a long-term injury, and led Boldin’s quarterback, Kurt Warner, to ponder his own retirement.

After missing three weeks, Anquan made the announcement that he was ready to play again.

Three weeks.

This is the type of competitor that Boldin is known to be. So with the recent news of Quan firing his agent, I have to ask a question that may not have been posed to this point:

Why does Anquan Boldin even need an agent?

In this era of instant news and players making their own business ventures, why are personal agents even necessary anymore? In Boldin’s case specifically, the world has seen what he can do on the biggest stage in football, and the story of his three-week recovery from catastrophy is now legendary.

So why does a player with that level of exposure need to pay another guy to act like he cares when in reality, he has hundreds of other clients and is just after his paycheck?

Maybe a one-man show isn’t suitable for all players, but I wouldn’t doubt that Quan can pull it off. Aside from the reputation that he is one of the NFL’s Tough Guys, he is also known for being one of the best teammates out there. In his contract dispute with the Arizona Cardinals alone, several teammates have shunned their employer to defend Boldin.

Boldin’s fellow wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, has offered to take a pay cut if it keeps Boldin in Arizona. A pay cut has never been achieved when Drew Rosenhaus is involved. Maybe that is why Rosenhaus was shown the door.

I hope Anquan Boldin decides to ride alone in the future, because the high-profile agents do nothing but make the good guys look bad. Boldin will get his money, rest assured he will get paid.

Whether it is in The Desert or not remains to be seen.